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Coffee Table for Stone Italiana


Zeno is a coffee table made of recomposed quartz plates.

The overall design is simple and minimalist, a set of pure geometric shapes that combine to create an elegant, visually lightweight and innovative table. 

The central portion of the composition, ie the table-top, draws inspiration from Zen gardens, which are typical of Japanese culture. With the aim to turn our living into a relaxation and meditation area, the peculiar decoration, consisting in embossed stripes, try to outlines the nature shapes’ energy as well as reproduce the calming effect of those places. 

A circular tray tops the composition, thus disrupting its obvious symmetry as if to remind us that formal perfection does not actually exist.

AD Lorenzo Palmeri.

Dimensions: 98 cm lenght x 70 cm x h 40 cm

Material: Recomposed quartz plates

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