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Wallpapers Collection

Wallpapers for Texturae


An exquisite wallpapers line designed by Elena Salmistraro for Texture, which belongs to the "Yarn Collection". 

While evoking references to street-art and pop-surrealism, the contemporary graphic designs seek to reconcile the adults’ world with children’s.

Deliberately inaccurate lines enhance their graphic connotation by strengthening the "hand-made/illustrative" character that makes them unique and the soft colors, with their perfect compositional weights, define details and shape beautiful clothes for the walls. 

The designer’s fantastic imagination, which comes to life through its sometimes chaotic or solitary characters with a great iconic and metaphorical value, turns simple coatings into a real piece of furniture, a small work of art for anyone. 

Art Director: Serena Confalonieri.  



Macro designs measure 423 cm x 300 cm. 

Modular designs measure 47 cm x 300 cm. 


Materials: Vinyl + TNT or Fiberglass.



Cockatoo, Folla, Scribbles, Armour, Plum, Picchio, Dino. (Each has several color options).



Cockatoo - The fascinating Australian birds, unique for their beautiful plumage and the showy erectile crest, are the wonderful subject of this composition that exalts the distinctive elements with the use of soft but contrasting colors. The clear reference to pop art gives this wallpaper the sacredness of a true work of art.


Folla - A chaotic and disorderly portrayal of the society that surrounds us, the symbol of unity and diversity. A pop-surrealist vision of chaos here intended as a positive energy generator. The designer’s graphic style is sharply clear and the painstaking details make this wallpaper a real furnishing painting.


Scribbles - A collection of graphic signs and imaginary characters with a strong visual impact, a personal and unique reinterpretation of the early American graffiti (Harring, Basquiat), a sort of transposition, in a modern key, of prehistoric art and cave paintings. Definitely a fun game, but with strong symbolic content.


Armour –  A protective armor, a repetition of elements that visually fills space without becoming invasive, a deliberately imperfect graphic sign that makes it familiar and unique, a game of shadows that brings an unexpected three-dimensionality. An exquisite collection of skillfully blended materials, shades, and colors.


Plum – Used by the Native Americans to ward off negative energies, feathers symbolize lightness and the union between man and gods: they make us fly to a magical world full of spirituality. The black and white contrast does not saturate but gently accompanies us on our imaginary flight.


Picchio - A peculiar and colorful bird with a dagger-shaped beak that allows him to hammer the trunks of trees in search of food and dwelling sites. Immortalized at this moment, his picture is repeated, rotated so as to create a pattern with a powerful contemporary component, which is characterized by a subtle vintage aftertaste, enhanced by the use of skillfully combined shades.


Dino – An Allosaurus, a dinosaur of the Jurassic period, a reptile that fascinates all - adults, children, scientists and laymen - with a very long tail and sharp teeth, turns into a funny picture, which, wisely mirrored, creates a composition with a powerful contemporary component and a subtle vintage aftertaste, enhanced by the use of skillfully combined shades.

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