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Wallpapers Collection

Wallpapers for Londonart


Collection of wallpaper designed for LondonArt 2018

Dimension: 470 cm xh 310

Material: Vynil + TNT or Fiberglass



Archaic Egyptian fans, flabelli were originally used to make cooling breezes and protect the pharaoh from the sun rays, as well as keep insects away from him. Later, they were employed in Christian church liturgies as well. Thanks to their unique and varied shapes, the rich feathers and enchanting structure of the decorations, today as back as the protagonists of these lovely wallpapers. The historical items' thousand facets, allow using multiple colors, which, in this case, are light and non-invasive. The outcome is instantly reminiscent of contemporary flowers with a retro-chic hint, supported by the lozenge-shaped background emphasizing the vintage trait and conceived as a mixture of creates that movement without tiring.



Cosmo is a sort of illustrated tale, a collage. A "modern" man, with a compass on his head, is probably looking for the righteous path; the same compass, in turn, imprisons an old wiseman in his certainties; two presumably divine arms offer complex geometrical shapes.



Boxers is a homage to the noble art of boxing, one of the most ancient and fascinating combat sports. "Have afloat like a butterfly and sting like a bee" - said Muhammad Ali - for this reason their ring can only be a flower field.

The subjects are gathered from ancient Victorian illustrations, which return to our homes in a contemporary key.



Esoterica is composed of three wallpapers. This mini collection plays on the formal contrast between Euclidean geometries and the appearance of nature. Leaves and branches pull close to triangles and circles and draw attention to similarities and differences born from secret doctrines.

Size: 470 cm x 310 cm

Materials: Vinyl + TNT or Fiberglass

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