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Urban Living Milano Vitra

Installation + interior project for Vitra + Spotti


Home Stories for Spring 2019

Large cities are lively and dynamic environments that offer a fascinating mix of diversity, culture, leisure and business. Multicultural and cosmopolitan locations where living spaces can sometimes be smaller scale. Compact spaces may sometimes feel like a creative challenge. City dweller must be selective, as every object chosen needs to work in many ways.

The Vitra Home Collection, with its large catalog of products ranging from dining tables and neat sofas, to iconic indoor and outdoor chairs, home office and accessories, transforms each living space into a familiar place, creating an environment which sits perfectly in these compact yet flexible homes.

This Spring 2019, Vitra explores how good design can improve urban living, dining and work in the capitals and metropolitan areas of Paris, Tokyo and New York.

Urban Living Milano

Designer, painter, and illustrator for leading companies operating in very diverse environments and industries, Elena Salmistraro has a multifaceted personality.

She used her unmistakable trait to portray the way she sees Vitra and to explore the topic of Urban Living - this year's Home Stories for Spring theme - by playing with the Colour & Material Library of the Swiss company and developing the interior design of an exquisite location such as the historic furniture showroom Spotti Milano.

The result is intense, rich of hues, signs, and references, which are not mere cultural hints, but rather a contemporary reinterpretation, a radical and instinctive experiment.

The orange sunsets of Milan's most enchanting season transform themselves into a gradient effect on the walls, declaring a never-ending desire for freedom and color. The floors hint at the magnificent entrances of the buildings of Milan, preserving their

geometries and decors, but using colors to convert the typical "Palladiana" and resulting in abstract and very contemporary work. The experiment is repeated in the four living, dining, study and play areas, which blend together perfectly to generate a new interior concept which is fresh, lively and never boring, just like the city that is being represented.

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