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Vases of different faces and faces

Edited by Alessandro Guerriero and Alessandra Zucchi



Galleria L'Affiche presents the exhibition 'Vasi di Visi e Visi Diversi', curated by Alessandro Guerriero and Alessandra Zucchi, in collaboration and for Fondazione Istituto Sacra Famiglia Onlus.

The exhibition offers a unique and surprising collection composed of 20 'Vases of faces', handmade in the ceramic workshop by the guests of the Holy Family on a project and signed by 20 artists and designers, and 50 'Different faces', tiles with self-portraits of the guests of the Foundation as well as 9 oil portraits on wood of the same guests made by Grazia Mazzone.

The operation is part of 'Normali Meraviglie', an initiative promoted by the Fondazione Sacra Famiglia to protect and enhance the very concept of fragility, in collaboration with the Associazione Tam Tam, a school of excellence in visual activities, which coordinates its creative direction.

The generosity animates the entire project: that of the artists, who share their creativity, that of those who coordinate with passion the activities of the workshops and that of those who will buy the works, which you can book and collect at the end of the exhibition.

The proceeds of the donations thus collected will go to the Holy Family Foundation for the development and support of its activities.

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