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Tyvec origami jewels

Paper jewels for Deepdesign


Origami necklace and hat created by Elena Salmistraro for the design studio Deepsign of Milan.

The origami hat and necklace were created following an asymmetrical scheme and by palying with modularity. Joining multiple small origami modules (fortune tellers) we obtain unique and irrepetible objects.

The material used for these two works is Tyvek, a fabric made of pure polyethilene, randomly placed and solded to create a hard and resistant print support, ideal for any use in which the duration is the main choosing factor. It is a 100% recyclable material.

Inside the stucture of the two accessories a red origami was placed to break the texture’s continuity.

The basic idea was to play with light and shades and threedimensionality that origami is able to create.

Accessories exist in a paper version as well.

The paper jewels were created for the Triennale of Milano (Viale Alemagna 6) show “il gioiello di carta” (the paper jewel), designed and created by Elena Salmistraro for Milano design studio Deepdesign in 2009.

The ”Il gioiello di carta” show was cured by Alba Cappellieri and Bianca Cappello.

Existing in a paper versin as well.

Material: Tyvec/paper.

Photo shoot by Francesco Roveta and Marco Pelà.

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