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Installation for Timberland


A tree, an oak tree, a symbol of sacredness, of perfection, of energy, of life, but also the ever recognized and yearned symbol of Timberland. On the occasion of the launch of the new women’s collection, it is this subject that Elena Salmistraro reinterprets with her unique style in an installation, that has the ambition to seduce and fascinate those who interact with it. As a matter of fact, four large acorn-shaped seats are ready to accommodate, protect and rock the spectator, who becomes part of the installation. These elements allow immediate empathetic identification with the work. Interacting with it is easy - by simply touching or caressing it, the oak tree magically takes the form of a woman, displaying all her beauty, the tree trunk retracing the soft shapes and portraying the magnificent faint colors of the new collection. The woman is silent in her glowing dress, which delicately envelops her silhouette and brings out her intrinsic characteristics. 
The mirror flooring reflects the infinite aspects of each woman’s personality, a reminder that there is no unambiguous definition to describe the female universe. Dozens of hashtags with a “don’t call me” caption will be selected among the many that will be submitted on social networks and will help to build a sort of modern texture.
“Don’t call me” is the driving concept, which almost underlines that this installation is neither a tree, nor a woman, but much much more.


Materials: Polystyrene Resin, Leather, Fabric.


Size: h 5,5 m x 6 m 

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