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The Kan Dynasty - The Maya

Collections POETS for Massimo Lunardon


The Mayan art, and especially the large stele depicting the "king divinities", has influenced this fine tableware collection, designed by Elena Salmistraro for Massimo Lunardon, who has expertly made it from borosilicate glass. Two bottles, a vase, a bowl, and a cloche, borrow their names from the Kan-dynasty (snake): K'abel, one of the most important queens of the Mayan civilization, the princess Ikoom, King K'inich Bahalam, the vassal of the Chak Took Ich'aak dynasty and his son Tikal. Simple geometric shapes, embellished with relief carvings, cadenced by frosted glass decorations are unquestionably rimiscent of the lines and the narrative of the ancient Mesoamerican civilization.


Vase: Tikal, Cloche: Chak, Bowl: lkoom, Bottle "male": k’Inich, Bottle "female": K'abel.

Material: Borosilicate glass.

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