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“The collapsed lamps” are suspension lamps perfectly falling from the ceiling, forming the elegant floor lamp: the arc lamp.

Created by layering paper using the papier mâché technique, the lamps are visibly delicate creating a particular ambiance.

Due to the thickness of the paper, the lamp emits a diffused, soft light.

The colors are chosen from light colors with the electrical wires providing contrast.

The forms are chosen as asymmetrical to emphasize hand-crafted work and auto-production. The asymmetry also accentuates the quality and beauty of the paper used in the papier mâché, a medium that if used correctly produces trendy, sophisticated and ecological results.

The bulbs used to illuminate the lamp are energy efficient.


Power: 23 W (100 W), Screw base: E27.

Maximum dimensions: Lamp 1: approx. 45 cm diameter x 45 cm height/Lamp 2: approx. 45 cm diameter x 70 cm height.

Material: Paper.

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