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The Brushes'Army

Installation / Brush / Qin for Alessi curated by Giulio Cappellini


In China, in the First Qin Emperor’s mausoleum, located in Xi'an, we can admire the Terracotta Army, a collection of unique and unrivaled clay statues dating back to 260 B.C. An indeterminable number of armed soldiers, carefully shaped into details, have been remained motionless for thousands of years, ready to serve their own emperor. 

Originally, the statues were vibrantly colorful, but due to constant exposure to air and light colors have almost completely disappeared, leaving them neutral, impersonal, but certainly not lacking in soul and energy.

It is for this very reason that, for the "White in the City" event promoted by Oikos and supervised by Giulio Cappellini, I created Qin, a statuette/brush, intended as a sort of white color celebration, which is typically synonymous with purity and spirituality.

The installation is formed by prototypes of warriors/brushes created, by Alessi, with a 3D printer, featuring countless details that give the object a contemporary language, by optimizing 3D technology potential and adding the emotional aspect with a pure, and, as a result, white soul.

Dimensions: h 31 cmx 12 cm x 9 cm

Material: 3d printed Plastic

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