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Madre Natura 

for Hines - Semina - L'Infiorata


Hines and Associazione Amici di Via della Spiga host the master florists of Noto who interpret with petals and buds the "SEED OF IDEAS" inspired by 13 protagonists of the city between design, fashion, culture, sport and lifestyle.

In the wake of the desire to restart and involve the citizenship, from Thursday, July 1 to Saturday, July 3, Via della Spiga hosts 60 master flower arrangers of Noto that, with their vivid and precious art handed down since 1980, transform in 48 hours over 100 meters of the prestigious road in an open-air exhibition space, enlivened by 13 canvases painted by the petals of 200,000 flowers, including carnations, gerberas, roses, and countless others.

Starting from the traditional Infiorata that comes to life once a year in the Sicilian city of Noto, the "SEMINA - L'Infiorata di Via della Spiga" blossoms from Hines' long-standing commitment to the city of Milan to transform an urban fabric in order to make it a place of culture and interchange between spaces, people and beauty.

The interpreters of design, such as Piero Lissoni, Patricia Urquiola, Gilda Bojardi and Elena Salmistraro, passing through those of fashion, such as Vogue, Carla Sozzani and Giuliano Calza, of catering such as Enrico Bartolini, up to the world of culture, sport and lifestyle, among which Sveva Casati Modignani, AC Milan, Olivia and Gian Maurizio Fercioni, Toilet Paper and Plastic, become the curators of the quadrants that will compose the "SEMINA - L'Infiorata di Via della Spiga" to sow their ideas and projects, realized by the master florists. Moreover, each floral image will be accompanied by a thought that each curator will dedicate to Milan, addressed to the continuous "Regeneration" and "Rebirth".

1st-3rd July 2021.

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