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Holy Green

Installation for Replay + 24 Bottles


The event sets the stage for the preview of the Limited Edition Elena Salmistraro + 24Bottles which will be officially retailed the following day.
The young, talented Milanese designer and the Bologna-based sustainable design brand have together given life to a poetic project, suspended between the earthly and the divine, narrating the indissoluble relationship between man and nature.

The stainless steel bottles promote an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bottles so that drinking water can be both healthy for humans and sustainable for the planet, without overlooking style.
24Bottles not only means people using their own stainless steel bottles can reduce their carbon footprint, but has also launched an ambitious program aimed at eliminating the total quantity of  CO2 involved in the entire production and distribution chain, through international reforestation projects.

In fact, serious attention to the environment and the drive to restore the unique relationship between man and nature have prompted Replay to support the launch of the Limited Edition Elena Salmistraro + 24Bottles. The Veneto-based company, a leader in the premium denim segment, has always been committed to the use of low environmental impact technologies and to the development of sustainable processes and products, like the brand new Hyperflex Clouds, through the search for new low water consumption washing methods, and the use of natural pigments and ecological enzymes to avoid the use of chemicals.

Design, sustainability, and zero emissions, but that’s not all: the Limited Edition Elena Salmistraro X 24Bottles made up of two unique bottles in stainless steel, Śakra Urban Bottle and Diana Clima Bottle, is also a charity effort.
Elena Salmistraro’s graphic art decorates the steel of 24Bottles and tells two different stories, forming the background to two major and interconnected subjects: altruism and the protection of women. 
This is precisely where the decision came to devote the project to the Malala Fund. 24Bottles will, in fact, be donating 10% of profits from the limited Edition Elena Salmistraro + 24Bottles to the ONG founded by the Nobel peace prize-winning Malala Yousafzai, who is committed to ensuring the right to education, training, and employment for girls all over the world.


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