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Proteus is a ceramic piggy-bank without drainage holes. Just like his ancestors Proteus has to be broken to surrender his treasure to his possessors.

His power resides in the plesant shape that dissuades from breaking him, so in a certain way, he obliges to save forever. To strengthen this feature Proteus is armed with thorns, just like a rose’s stem, to warn malevolents.

To joke on old piggy-banks having to be broken, Proteus comes with an appropriate white ceramic hammer.

The hammer is a symbol, fragile and beautiful. It puts us in front of a crossroad: break everything to obtain the inkept treasure or continue to save “forever”?

The name Proteus comes from the olms, or protei, small animals inhabiting aquatic caverns, that vaguely resemble him.

Crafted in white ceramic and personalized with engobes.

Existing in a semi-industrial mold-crafted version sold without hammer.

Size: 20 cm high x 10 cm diameter.

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