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Project #Zero, Juanita



Project #Zero was born as an error during the design of another kids game made of wood.

To test the people reaction and to joke, a #Zero picture was sent to various retailers. They responded with great curiosity and interest, not finding it in any catalog.

Because NVDRS is a design studio, we imagine #Zero not as a simple toy but like a real customizable project. Everyone can choose from alternative faces or bases with the help of the NVDRS crew and they can also request the CAD file to create directly their own one. Just as an example, it is possible also to create accessories through 3D printing.

In fact #Zero Project consists of three separable pieces: Face, Body, Base. The simple shape encourages and invites also the more classic coloring customizations.

Height 9 cm (3.5 inches) made of resin. It will be available, at the moment, combinable in six different colours.


#Zero exhibition will take place at 150UP, via Medardo Rosso 16 Milan | Italy from 08 April to 17April 2016.


#Zero was customized by designer, graphic designer and illustrators such as:

Lanzavecchia + Wai | Elena Salmistraro | Mibramig | Sovrappensiero Design Studio | Philippe Tabet | Sakka | SuperUltraBlu | Federica Marziale | Davide Pagliardini | Marlen Mckey | Alberto Becherini |Sopa Design Studio | Giovanni Carati | Francesco Poroli | Johnny Cobalto 

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