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Primates Revolution at The Stage

Installation for Replay


Replay and Bosa, two outstanding creative manufacturers, join forces in presenting the works of Elena Salmistraro to the press and public at Milan Design Week.

Ambassador of the Brera Design District at the Fuori Salone 2018, winner of the Salone del Mobile.Milano Award 2017 as "best emerging designer", today Elena unveils an exclusive installation at the Replay Primates collection designed for Bosa. 

As Elena explains: “In my artistic interpretation, primates — animals that most closely resemble humans . In my new interpretation of the mask, I propose to convey messages in my vases and plates, proposing a bona fide domestic totem. " 

The Stage, embellished by the use of jungle-themed wallpaper and floral prints and bright colors of the Replay SS18 collection, which create an ideal setting for the artist's irreverent and uninhibited creativity.

Size: 1500 square meters

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