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Posidonia Collection 

for Natuzzi


Natuzzi Italia, the lifestyle brand of Made in Italy artisan design, presents previews of the new 2021/2022 collection, the result of the brand's interpretation of the new needs of contemporary living, enriched by the collaboration with eight internationally renowned designers.

Posidonia by Elena Salmistraro is a collection full of stories, sensations and visions, which declares right from its name, its link with the sea, which has always been a vital element, a symbol of freedom and a desire to travel, explore, discover.
It is in the Mediterranean Sea that frames Puglia that the playful aesthetics of the collection finds its common thread: the seabed becomes the canvas from which to draw colors, the tones recall the reflections and shadows of water and waves, while the lines poetically reinterpret common and recognizable elements of underwater life forms - corals, sponges, shells - giving rise to unique and unexpected configurations. Graphic elements are decomposed, reworked and reformed to give life to original objects, conscious and speaking. This poetic vision is intertwined with a functional thought that stems from Natuzzi Italia's desire to always combine aesthetics with function, especially with regard to the new needs of multifunctional spaces, which are the challenge of the future for the world of interior design. “My work feeds on graphic elements, which are broken down, reworked and reformed to give life to original, conscious and speaking objects." Elena Salmistraro recounts. "The seabed has become the canvas from which the colors are drawn; corals, sponges, seaweed, shells have become the elements to discover the form and to discover that the first form of coral reef in the Mediterranean was discovered in Puglia."

The Calilla sofa is an innovative recliner project characterized by a "protective shell" that, just like a shell, wraps and collects the seats, topped by headrests with the appearance of a sea sponge, a trait d'union between the various elements of the collection. A project that combines distinctive and contemporary aesthetics and maximum comfort, thanks to the motion mechanisms that allow you to choose the positions of relaxation in an aesthetically innovative and personal project: the movement of the recliner system, in fact, is collected within the backrest that remains stationary and unchanged for a surprising visual result. Next to the sofa, the Ensis armchair, an intimate and relaxed corner to take a break from the daily routine. A project in which multi-functionality and versatility are shown in an imaginative, visionary and playful key. In its shapes Ensis combines the Mediterranean lifestyle and the contemporary interpretation of a new way of living domestic spaces that is more demanding and more personal. All the components of the armchair are interconnected by visible metal tubing in a gold satin finish subjected to a special process of polishing and powder coating.
In combination, the pouf Puperita allows you to amplify the multifunctionality of the furniture with style and elegance. Its archetypal shapes immediately evoke relaxed, unrestrained comfort and are the result of extensive engineering work that draws its strength from Natuzzi Italia's decades of know-how. Puperita is a versatile piece of furniture that can be placed in different rooms of the house; the combination of fabrics - leather handle with camel finish, white base and fabric seat - make it perfect for spaces that look to tradition and comfort, updating the styles of the past to meet the needs of the contemporary consumer.
To enhance and embellish the shapes of the upholstered furniture of the Posidonia collection, the fabric is designed by Elena Salmistrato together with BYBORRE, the Dutch textile innovation studio that has become a point of reference in the development of sustainable fabrics. A unique 3DTM yarn, knitted with a blend of the finest wool and recycled

PES, which makes it extremely strong and durable, and at the same time luxurious, comfortable and totally sustainable. Coral is the name of the upholstery that refers "to the magic and movement of the underwater world" as suggested by the designer herself. A texture that recalls the pattern of marine corals, made of wavy lines and accentuated dots. The collection continues in the world of complements with Lophelia, a project that combines the concept of floor lamp and bookcase/object holder. The metal base supports an elliptical shape covered in fabric, surrounded on both sides by small LED bulbs that recall, on the one hand, the famous Apulian luminarias, and on the other seem to evoke the spines of sea urchins. Inside, glass shelves allow you to place small objects and books, thus emphasizing the functionality of this accessory.

Cliona is a portable lamp that recalls that dynamism and indissoluble link between inside and outside, typical of the natural and relaxed lifestyle of Apulian farms. In its lines it recalls the succulent plants that frame the typical gardens of farmhouses located throughout the Mediterranean. The delicate and harmonious aesthetics combine the latest technologies, in the field of lighting and materials, with the needs of contemporary living. The circular base - available in opaque white, lilac and opaque green - contains a rechargeable battery that allows Cliona to be used in the different rooms of the house; the opal dome softens the brightness of the LED bulb, giving the spaces a soft and delicate light. The handle in opaque gold metal, finally, accentuates the aesthetics typical of the lanterns of the past, sanctioning the link between the contemporaneity of the project and the love for tradition.

Inspired, like the whole Posidonia collection, by the relationship between the Apulian marine environment and the hinterland of the region, the Anemonia mirror is a real installation that combines form and function in a decorative project with a unique and special soul. The mirror combines geometric elements with organic elements typical of the marine environment. The versatility is manifested in the possibility of having a freestanding configuration - thanks to a metal structure - or a version to hang on the wall - horizontally or vertically - thus subverting the idea of geometry and symmetry of the frame.

Ciambotte is a set of trays whose geometries recall those patterns found in Apulian nature and in the simple and iconic architecture of towns and farms. Made of metal, light and resistant, the three concentric trays compose a set with a strong aesthetic impact, in their minimalism. Salmistraro has worked on the aesthetics of geometric shapes, on the construction and deconstruction of classic styles, readapting them to the contemporary environment and the needs of modern life. The lines of the elements are a stylistic feature that can be found in all the decorations that the designer has used to embellish her new collection for Natuzzi Italia, an emblem of the Mediterranean atmospheres and know-how of the brand.

In both tradition and contemporaneity, the carpet is a decorative element that underlines the environment in which it is inserted, but at the same time contributes - through its texture and its decorations - to the creation of an almost independent space, like a world of its own. Elena Salmistraro enriches the Posidonia collection for Natuzzi Italia with the Gorgonia rug, a project that expresses the excellence of Mediterranean Italy in its graphics, materials and production techniques. The choice of decorative motifs tells of a world made of square and geometric elements, inspired by the tuff quarries, together with organic, undulating and abstract elements, coming instead from the sea surrounding Puglia. This antithetical mixture is reinterpreted with harmony and finds in the materials the actualization of a traditional object such as the carpet: the fiber with which it is produced is, in fact, derived from recycled PET, so as to emphasize the attention to sustainability that is increasingly present in the

production choices of Natuzzi Italy, while the relief decoration is handmade with the traditional technique of crochet.
Among the accessories of the Posidonia collection are also the Dysidea cushions, imagined to amplify the spirit of the environment and which follow the decorative elements of the Gorgonia rug, creating a set of objects with a harmonious aesthetic.

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