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Cabinet for DeCastelli


Polifemo is a cabinet, an innovative aesthetical version of a piece of furniture that everyone owns in their houses.

With his oblong legs and a single big eye, the huge Cyclops, who in the Odyssey clashes with Ulysses and is made blind by his alter ego Nobody, comes back to our homes as an extraordinary piece of furniture. 

In the designer’s eyes, the giant mirrors exactly the cupboard-container peculiarities: the large, central eye becomes a handle and the robust body is supported by slender metal legs, producing an eccentric play of weights that generates a desired " visual imbalance".

As a scenic container, Polifemo decorates your home with great and evocative power.

A wooden structure, featuring an external metal coat embellished with ornamental carvings to enrich and strengthen the object’s own nature.

Designed for DeCastelli, Polifemo is included in the Tracing Identity project curated by Evelina Bazzo. 

Products still life photos by Massimo Gardone, portraits by Gianluca Vassallo.


Dimension: h 165 cm x 85 cm x 31 cm


Materiali: Metal, wood

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