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sunglasses for W-eye


To design these glasses, I followed a primitive but very intimate design methodology: I started directly from a photo of myself, using my face as the basic measure.

While playing around with the drawings, I began to isolate shapes and movements that I thought were interesting and the latter became the central focus of my design. The observation of this almost circular movement – that has a starting point, thicker and more energetic, and an ending point, lighter and more delicate; which rarely concludes with an exact meeting of these two points to close the figure – was the beginning, the driving concept. In order not to distort the concept of W-eye glasses, I focused on natural, bright woods and colors, which enhance wearability and keep them from becoming excessive or over the top. These tones are clearly separated, creating an above and a below. A true reflection of the initial idea of a brushstroke, with a beginning and an end which, at the same time, generates an evident contrast with the declared fluidity of the structure. A kind of intentional distortion, meant to surprise and attract.

Material: Wood

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