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Petits Signes Collection

Collection for La Manufacture


”Petits Signes” is a line of accessories created by the Italian designer and artist Elena Salmistraro.

It takes its inspiration from the doodles she sometimes traces absentmindedly in her diary. Figurines, vases, flowers, trinket bowls, set squares, mugs, etc. Ceramic objects, all with a fun and poetic twist, unequivocally decorative, to bring a dash of sensibility and harmony into any kind of daily environment. Made in Italy by the renowned Bosa, an expert company in this ancestral art.

Elena has developed a strong and special bond with ceramics. For this series, she specifically chose a malleable, eco-friendly and elegant ceramic material.

“I loved exploring soft, delicate and precious shades of color to find just the right light that would illuminate my workdays. I wanted to turn these desk accessories into accessories that would easily find their place in every space. And by combining two such unspecific words as “petits” (small) and “signes” (signs), I gave the line a name that opened up a whole world of meanings and poetry.”

Poetry is the one common thread that links all of her projects together. Which is why she is constantly on the lookout for expressive objects that inspire emotions in those who use them.

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