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Pensieri Panteschi 

for Lithea


The ‘PensieriPanteschi’ collection is also a tale, a glimpse, a photograph.  It’s a young woman’s visionfrom observing the island,which inspires her curiosity and thoughts which are translated into herdesigns, in search of new structures, shapes, textures and colours.


Gadir – decorative panel 

Cala Gadir, aterm of Arabic origin which means ‘Valley of water’ is a location known since old times for its natural hot water springs and still nowadays is one of the most well-known locations of this island. The great central basin is surrounded by Pantelleria’s typical rounded gardens, fields, vineyard-covered cliffs, quarries that slope down to the seaand layered rock.  

This panelbrings togetherinlays, grafts and bas-relief,all the natural elementswhich are unique to this island. On a Bianco Fenice stone base, engraved with an undulated design, soft, geometrical elements are inserted into marble of various colours and texture, finished and applied manually.  The panel is further decorated and embellished through the application of small, copper elements.

Materials: Bianco Feice, Bardiglio Imperiale, Pietra Pece, Rosalia, Forrest Green and Copper.

Dimensions of individual marble slab: cm 120x60x3 

Dimensions of whole panel: cm 240x240


Specchio di Venere – table | Sibà - stool

This table, features an elegant top with rounded edges, resembling the colours and shape of the famous lake which came from a volcanic crater. From the central part to the outside edges the design reflects the connection between land and volcanic rock. The curved legs resemble the waves of the sea as the stools Sibà are inspired by the island's mountain community.

The table-top is crafted with coloured marble which is cut and then sculpted by numerically controlled machines, then it is all manually finished and assembled into one single piece. The legs are created by four semi-circular white stone elements, featuring curved incisions and by two central columns in PietraPece.

Matching stools Sibà are also available: the white marble, rounded seat area is covered with a piece of coloured marble while the five curved and sculpted legs are in white marble.

Material: Bianco Fenice, Bardiglio Imperiale, Pietra Pece, Rosalia. Forest Green.

Dimensions of table: cm 220x100xh73

Dimensions of stool: cm 40x45hx43


Spadillo, Limarsi e Tracino – vases and centrepiece

Spadillo, Limarsi and Tracino are respectivelytwo lighthouses and a sea stack, vertical elements which standout. Two vases and a centrepiece with totem-like characteristics emerge from the table topto protect their surroundings as though they are guardians, divinities or sacred elements.

Created in multicoloured marble through theinlay technique.

Materials: Bianco Fenice, Bardiglio Imperiale, Pietra Pece, Rosalia, Forrest Green 

Dimensions: Spadillo cm 16x16xh50   Limarsi cm 12x12xh46   Tracino cm 40x26xh16

Material: Marble.

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