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Paper origami jewels collection created by Elena Salmistraro.

Belonging to a set composed of a pin, one earring, one armor ring, one waistcoat, and one mask.

Paper is an eco-friendly material suitable for making unique and delicate, almost ethereal accessories.

The “monotony” of the texture shaped by the modularity of the origami is broken using a beige-colored recycled paper in some modules, to create disconnection and detachment.

Shapes are asymmetrical and organic, the colors are soft and delicate.

The idea of shaping a sheet of paper into a three-dimensional object to be able to see the volumetry is the baseline concept for all paper accessories created by Elena Salmistraro.


Shooting fotografico:

Barbara Franzò_Photographer

Erika Cigolini_Stylist

Silvia Mendolia_Stylist

Ginevra Daniele_Make-up artist

Kristina Gunther_Model by Beatrice International Models Agency Milano

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