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for Orografie


The collection is composed of vases and a low table, unchanged and unchanging objects, objects open to accommodate multiple functions while remaining "whole" and proud.
For this reason, the focus is more on symbols and storytelling than on rituals and functions, choosing to tell Sicily and tell Catania, the epicenter of this adventure.
And how to tell Catania without considering Him, Etna. The largest active volcano in Europe, the volcano that staggers, that smokes and that sometimes gets irritated, the volcano that houses the forge of Efesto. Efesto is the engineer, he is the craftsman, he is the designer, he is rough but creative, he is exclusive but generous.
Efesto is the representation of the love of work that stands in contrast to a deceptive and illusory world, made of ephemeral pleasures and vices, the Olympus.
Efesto chooses his laboratory, his studio, his work.
If Efesto were to design vases and low tables today, he would certainly do it in his own way, rough, brutal, celebrating the material, highlighting the volumes, he would probably help himself with software and modern technologies, combining digital and analog under a single enterprise, but he would still preserve an austere language made of machines and work, made of strength and energy and he would do it using shapes and structures with a brutalist, constructivist taste.

PH Max Rommel.

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