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Orbis Collection

Furniture Collection for Emmemobili


The circle and the sphere: perfect geometric shapes, always related to philosophical concepts linked to nature and the sacred. These are the shapes, which inspire the ideas of Elena Salmistraro for Emmemobili; shapes, which are found in photographs, books or in a simple glimpse and which are recurrent as a leitmotiv in the four projects.
The table ATLAS, which acquires its name from Atlas, the titan, who sustains the Vault of Heaven, is characterized by big “arms” in cast bronze, with circular “hands”, which support the wide top, colored with a skillful application of splendid stains of natural wooden veneers.
The chair TIMEA, which acquires its important proper name from Plato’s Timaeus, where the cosmos, the “whole thing” is described as circular, is exactly characterized by the continuous recurrence of the circle. This latter is not only present in the seat and in the backrest, but also in the metal as well as in the wooden structure, therefore becoming an obsessive, persistent, bound and engaging figure.
The bookcase ROUE, from French wheel, wants to play, celebrating the company’s know-how, always a leader in the production process of bentwood. Three big bands are superimposed one upon another, creating a sort of modern pyramid, stabilized by a central big metal band and enriched by 6 circular storage units, which more than being a functional enrichment, work as a decorative and representative element.
The sideboard MIRAR, from Spanish to see, acquires its shapes and its design from a glimpse. A sort of abstracted painting, which tries to depict a face, using as a palette the colors of splendid natural wooden veneers. A parallelepiped, beveled on each side, imitates the roundness of a face, the tonal differences, created by the change of veneers, highlight the circularity of the eyes, while the open central space suggests a nose. A different way to see the world, a different way to design the wood. 

Material: Wood and cast bronze.

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