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Nike ZoomX Vista Grind

Installation / interior project for Nike + Luisa via Roma


Elena Salmistraro has been contacted by Nike to represent the new Zoom x vista Grind, a revolutionary shoe, feminine, eco-friendly, both as a face, and as a designer of the installation for the release that is part of an exceptional event, the 90th birthday of Luisa Via Roma. 
In this collaboration Elena had fun to overturn the creative process, which usually starts from the design to get to a final object, in this case the object was already there, it was the shoe. So through a process of decomposition, and isolation of the most relevant elements, such as the colors, the sole, the foam inside the sole itself, Elena managed to have on the "palette", enough elements to create an installation that reflected the Zoom x Vista Grind as much as possible, striving to bring back in its own way a daring and visionary world, but at the same time exaggeratedly feminine and comfortable, just like this sneaker. 
The absolute protagonist of the intervention is the foam inside the sole, which instantly brings the viewer back to an imaginary past, the days when you played with slime, that soft material, malleable and pleasant at the same time. The result is a sort of foamy niche with a totem in the middle, a sort of "sacred" place, supported by the same foam just like the shoe.

Photo-shooting with shoes: Rocco Gurrieri + Irene Montini

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