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Most Illustrious

Ceramic statue for Bosa


Most Illustrious, is a tribute and a token of appreciation to Italian design masters.

Bosa three-dimensional ceramic figure collection, finely decorated with coloured enamels.

Totem objects combining the essential traits of the designers and of the works that made them famous in the world, to underline the unique relationship between designers and their projects: “we are what we create.”

Elena Salmistraro design master collection for Bosa starts with: Achille Castiglioni (on the centenary of his birth, in 2018), Riccardo Dalisi, Michele De Lucchi, Alessandro Mendini.

“Most Illustrious. It is a gift to those people that, maybe unknowingly, have given so much to my perception of design.  Their commitment and their works have modelled and educated my vision and my taste; as truthful masters, they had no need to introduce themselves, to speak or to tell their ideas to stand out; the energy of their creations was sufficient to make me understand who they really were and what was their vision, proving that all designers are what they create, in the end. I had fun mixing colours, stacking objects and shapes to create a sort of tribute that, with great humility, shows my way of seeing them.”



Most Illustrious, Achille

dimensions: 13x11xh.32 cm| colours: white, grey, red

Most Illustrious, Riccardo

dimensions: 13x14xh.35 cm | colours: grey, green, pink

Most Illustrious, Michele 

dimensions: 16x13xh.36 cm | colours: grey, blue

Most Illustrious, Alessandro

dimensions: 13x9,5xh.29 cm | colours: light blue

Material: Ceramic

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