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Three-dimensional decorative panel for Lithea


Geometric arabesques are repeated, overlapped and layered just like the artistic history of  Monreale, where both European culture and Arab culture mix, and which give birth to a contemporary, three -dimensional texture.

The lines that cross on the White Carrara Marble give way to irregular based pyramids, in an original kaleidoscopic pattern enriched by metallic appliques that remind us of the invaluable golden design of the city’s cathedral.

A 300 X 500 cm three-dimensional decorative panel in White Carrara Marble with copper sheet inserts.

This marble is one of the main lithic materials used in the flooring and in the cladding of the Cathedral of Monreale and in other important churches dating back to the Norman period in Sicily.

Dimensions: 300 X 500 cm

Material: White Carrara Marble with copper sheet inserts

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