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Minnie, Urban Minerva

for Disney + Bosa



Elena Salmistraro and Bosa interpret one of Disney’s most famous characters


The exclusive collaboration between Bosa and Disney has doubled: Minnie is here to keep Mickey company.

Designed by Elena Salmistraro, Urban Minerva is a hype, modern metropolitan goddess bursting with energy, finely crafted in ceramic and embellished with colourful and precious enamel details.

Minnie-Urban Minerva and Mickey Forever Young will be available in limited edition throughout 2021.


With her signature bow, Minnie has been a star and icon since her first appearance in 1928. Since then, she has starred in over 70 films with her long-time boyfriend Mickey Mouse, and has been recognised as a legend and she has conquered the world enough to have her own star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.


To all of us she is simply Minnie, but originally her full name was Minerva Mouse. For this new collaboration between Bosa and Disney, Elena Salmistraro transforms Minnie into Urban Minerva, a modern metropolitan goddess who transmits joy and energy.

Elena updates the style of the most famous female mouse in the world with a colourful look and accessories, made with three-dimensional patterns, metallic colours and refined glossy-matte effects that can only come from the handcrafted expertise of Bosa. Looking bubbly and glamorous, she is wearing a short hot pink jacket, leggings decorated with street art motifs – that match Mickey Forever Young’s shorts – oversized rings and bracelets, the iconic bow and a polka dot mini skirt.

With this new look, Urban Minerva joins Bosa’s special project with Disney. Minnie is also available in limited edition and will be distributed worldwide together with Mickey Forever Young throughout 2021.


Minnie-Urban Minerva and Mickey Forever Young are three-dimensional statues, 50 cm high, handcrafted in ceramic with hand painted details.

The limited edition number is written under the right shoe of each statue.

Material: Ceramic

Size: 50 cm h

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