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Medusa Mirror 

for "Empathic.Discovering a glass legacy" Puntaconterie


A large mirror, almost outsized according to tradition, surrounded by three dimensional glass blown elements, reminiscent of the fluid and sinuous movement of the Gorgons snakes.
But also traditional decorative elements, like leaves engravings and stripe details, that complete the composition and make it a sort of archive, collection, story of antique techniques and crafts that are typical of Murano glass production, reinterpreted in a contemporary style. It is not a regular mirror, but The Mirror. Big, strong, colorful, impressive, rich, iconic, this is the mirror that enhances the beauty reflected, that petrifies the viewer, that gives life to a dream.

For Exhibition="Empathic, discovering the glass legacy" curated by Luca Nichetto, location InGalleria Puntaconterie Gallery Murano-Venice.

Designers: Luca Nichetto, Marc Thorpe, Benjamin Hubert, Gam Fratesi, Elena Salmistraro, Noè Duchaufour-LawranceRichard Hutten, Ini Archibong.

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