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Installation for Marmomac


Marea is a sort of painting on a book-matched marble slate, a large moon which influences ocean swell, altering its level and shapes.

It's a contemporary post-modern reinterpretation of those natural phenomena. It outlines profiles and silhouettes and once they are reflected they appear similar to a face and its expressions. 

The shapes that are generated in the artistic act are isolated, simplified and embedded in a compositional operation, in order to give life to a tub and a sink. 

The choice of maintain simple, almost rigorous shapes - which contrasts with the typical Arab gesture - is to be intended as a gesture of consideration towards the lively and enchanting complexity and richness of colors of this material. Even the slightest inappreciable mistake, generated by a formal excess, would have surely risked to create confusion and to have reliefs, which have the lead role in this case.

Material: Orobic Arabesque Marble

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