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Bar In Paradiso Biennale of Venice

Installation for Lavazza


Lavazza has promoted the interior restoration of the iconic Venetian café “In Paradiso”, which is strategically located at the entrance to the Biennial Gardens, historical location for gathering and recreation Klimt, Kandinskij, Picasso and Warhol). Cazza Zucchi and to offer the support of artist and designer Elena Salmistraro, which gave life to an interesting collaboration.

Cino Zucchi contoured the new counter as if it were small kaleidoscope, where the daily events are reflected - a café in the end is like a miniature city square. Contemporary shapes and materials generated unexpected resonances with characters of the Venetian folklore.

Elena Salmistraro added to the designs of sugar bowls and the menu. 

Imagined by Cino Zucchi, the Harlequin diamonds, which are combined with the decorations by Elena Salmistraro. The coffee plant is broken into shapes and just like a theater, this creates the imaginary show of Coffee Paradise, resembling a new Garden of Eden.

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