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La Pettegola 

for Banfi


La Pettegola Banfi 2021: Elena Salmistraro signs the limited edition.

Banfi produces about 300 thousand bottles of La Pettegola Vermentino. Every year - this is the fourth - 15 thousand become a limited edition interpreted by an artist. On the occasion of the launch of the 2021 vintage, the label was signed by Elena Salmistraro, a designer from Milan.

For La Pettegola 2021, the Milanese designer Elena Salmistraro created a label with a poetic and dreamlike style. The two protagonists are the bird that gives its name to this Vermentino and a colorful girl, immersed in listening to its song.

For the first time the graphic design of Banfi's Vermentino La Pettegola has a feminine touch. The previous editions were by Alessandro Baronciani (2018), Ale Giorgini (2019) and Riccardo Guasco (2020).

The concept of femininity turns out to be central, both in the graphic language and in the choice of colors. As Elena Salmistraro points out: "In the common imagination, the gossip brings to mind gossip, but while I was approaching this work I discovered that it is also a bird that is quite common along the coast of Maremma". Hence the idea to play on the ambivalence of the name to reinterpret the label: "I imagined this bird as a cunning and singing being. So I depicted a young and colorful girl, but with a reflective look, completely immersed in listening to her cheerful and festive song".

Attention to detail, formal harmony and poetic style are the hallmarks of the work. The label is definitely longer than the traditional ones, developing along the whole perimeter of the bottle. In the center, on the front side, there is the writing La Pettegola Toscana IGT 2021 Banfi Limited Edition. On the two opposite sides, the face of the girl and the silhouette of the bird, which in this way give life to a real and proper graphic storytelling.

It is important to say that for this label we decided to work on augmented reality and on a tactile three-dimensional effect, framing the label with your phone you can see the protagonists come to life.

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