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Jono the rocking throne 

for Materia


Jono the rocking throne

"The task assigned to me was to draw a throne. As always, before approaching a project, I do some research. In this case it was the ancient ritual of the "vattienti" that struck me, and the choice of the word is not accidental. A medieval rite, made of blood and flagellations that in the common imagination are made of whips and ropes, a method to atone for sins. This is why I imagined the throne of the supreme, the pure: a large chair, comfortable but at the same time mobile, swinging, so that the whips vibrate, the same ones that guided him to purification".

Art Direction by Antonio Aricò.

Dimensioni: Total height 135 cm x h 45 cm x 49 cm

Material: Wood and Rope

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