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The Insolents


The Insolent is haughty charms made of recovered wood and enameled (natural color), realized by cutting thin planks.           

They are purposely delicate so as to give them a unique value and therefore enriching them.

The faces with presumptuous and monstrous expressions delineate the different characters. Addressed to one who has a temerarious and scoffing taste, they are provided with an amusing and unusual realized with the glass jars of the classic jam preserves.

Dimensions: The maximum dimensions are about 7 cm x 7 cm (There are, furthermore, the ceramic and porcelain versions.). 

Material: Wood.



Gertrude: The haughty drop.

Pierleone: The were-rabbit.

Faust: The tonsil.

Mr Head: The mind.


Shooting "The insolents", wood-pendants by Alla's, Elena Salmistraro. 

Accessories: Elena Salmistraro 

Photo: Pietro Baroni

Make up: Daniela Scalera 

Model: Martina Medail

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