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Huawei Nova 8 Wonderland 

for Huawei


HUAWEI nova 8 series x ELENA SALMISTRARO – A "nova wonderland"


Working with the all-new Huawei nova 8 series was like stepping into an inviting, fairyland-like world of design, where artistic passions are blended with avant-garde technology. Each of my three creations includes a phone case, custom wallpaper, Always-on Display (AOD) pattern and icon style:

  • The Rebel: A life of endless curiosity

  • The Hopeful: C'est la vie & Hope for the future

  • The Dreamer: Freedom and invention

For Huawei nova phone users, technology is about fun, creativity and self-expression. I hope my concepts will encourage all nova-ers to stay happy, curious and creative. I also want to pay tribute to Huawei's daring pursuit of cutting-edge technology and fashion.

With an exclusive "nova wonderland" case, your nova 8 series phone is not just a gadget, but also a homage to your own unique identity.

*The custom wallpapers, AOD patterns and icon styles can be downloaded by scanning the QR codes on the back of the phone cases.

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