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Hotel Chimera Capsule Collection 

for Cedit


Elena Salmistraro in collaboration with CEDIT presents the capsule collection "Hotel Chimera" a ceramic artwork composed of 80 unique pieces, hand signed by the Milanese designer, which reinterpret the illustration made last year for the homonymous exhibition dedicated to the launch of the collection "Chimera". A heterogeneous set of elements of different origin and nature that, put together, give life to a unique ceramic work of almost 12 square meters. An unprecedented artistic expression composed of a puzzle of 80 different fragments, each of which is a work in itself, a numbered piece signed by hand. The installation, positioned on the pedestrian area in front of the showroom, is characterized by a strong scenic impact: the work "Hotel Chimera" is framed by a temporary structure and is bordered on the floor by a signage that recalls the graphics of the collection "Chimera" designed by Elena Salmistraro in 2020.

The proceeds from the sale of the individual slabs were donated to charity to support a project to bring the world of art closer to blind and visually impaired children promoted by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

"The Chimera project sits perfectly in the middle between art and industry. And with greater force on this occasion, the Hotel Chimera installation opens up to the outside, breaking down into slabs/paintings and becoming the perfect filter between imagination and reality."

PH Vanni Borghi.

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