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Coat hanger with mirror for Altreforme


A project like no other, a charming coat hanger with a mirror that is almost surreal, scenographic. Grifo is the king that came from afar and fell in love with the beautiful princess Mata and from their love a whole town was born in Sicily, Messina. A tender love story inspires this extraordinary project, transforming the proud warrior Grifo - a mysterious giant - and his companion, the beautiful princess Mata, into two cabinet coat hangers with mirror. A tale made of metal: solid and colorful at the same time. The right combination of technology, creativity, and wonder. Foremost, this project tries to express the design method of Elena, a vision, an idea. The story, the tale and the legend become a drawing, an iconography, color, in order to transform into a unique coat hanger/mirror through a tridimensional play. Elena Salmistraro designs Grifo and Antonio Aricò designs Mata. The two designers have been connected by a deep friendship bond that dates back to their university times, and they succeeded in building a perfect dialogue with no smears that resulted in the possibility to shape two objects with strong iconic value. The objects are intimately connected to their respective design dialectics, but ultimately never abandon the essential continuity which is required by such an experiment. This project could only see the light thanks to eccentric and kaleidoscopic Altreforme (Fontana Group), who have integrated and contributed to the design, thanks to their personal knowledge and long-standing experience.


Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: l. 132 x d. 40 x h. 200 cm

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