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Flatlandia Collection

Rugs for Cc-Tapis


The Rugs are transformed into two-dimensional universes inhabited by geometric shapes, just like in the novel Flatland, the fantastic story in multiple dimensions, written by Reverend Edwin A. Abbott in 1884.

Triangles, lines, circles and squares overlap, meet and collide becoming conscious of each other, just as they do in the novel, unaware of the colors and the magic they hold.

The collection has two faces; one more tactile and “rough”, the other softer and lighter, one more intense and crowded, the other sober and sublime. A series of rugs which play with contrast emphasizing the duality and the craftsmanship involved in their creation.

It is not by chance that the three carpets are named after celebrated mathematicians: Cartesio (Descartes), Eulero (Euler), Pitagora (Pythagoras) and are duplicated in the Outline version.

Size: 230 cm x 300 cm.

Materials: Himalayan wool

Quality: Hand-knotted in Nepal

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