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Equations for dreamers

Chairs for Elena Salmistraro Collection


Three strips of wood were used to realize this chair, curved at high frequency and cut by keeping waste to a minimum. That is how “Primitive Number # 3” was born, a chair obtained by curving a multilayered panel of ash wood and beechwood (the ash wood was used to cover the external part of the multilayer and the beechwood for the internal). Its name originates from a game of subtraction: 4 are the legs usually present in a common chair, 1 (the number of wooden panels used) is the neutral element, 4 – 1=3, the result is in fact 3 (the number of strips of wood used) a prime number considered to be the perfect number. The wood was left in its natural state in order to enhance its tactile quality. The three parallel strips also have a double function, structural support, and seating. With regards to the metallic part of the chair back, as with the 4², it traces the profile of two mirrored flags making the two chairs belonging to the “Equations for Dreamers” collection much alike. The chair back, shaped by a hollow reinforcing rod that gives it a greater structural lightness, also has the function of tying the three strips of wood together by using 6 eye-catching colored screws. The choice of color is once again subtle and delicate according to the dream state pattern that inspired the designer. 

Dimensions: Total height 85cm, width 50cm, thickness 50cm.

Material: Multilayer of ash wood, beechwood, and hollow reinforcing rod.



The “4²” ideally recalls elementary school chairs reinterpreted in a modern way by looking on the funny side in order to bring back memories that are often lost. Dreams and numerical-mathematical logic are a constant feature of the collection that “4²” belongs to (Equations for Dreamers). The four legs usually present in a chair have in fact been elevated to the square. The supporting structure is made of a hollow reinforcing rod and, in the part forming the chair back, traces the profile of two stylized and mirrored flags. An evocative image that influenced the designer after she stayed in the United States, where she was struck by the remarkable presence of flags due to the profound American patriotism. The chair back is joined to the wooden seat (multilayer of Finnish birch plywood) by 4 eye-catching colored screws. The contemporary shapes are highlighted by curved but essential lines, all placed in a romantic and surreal perspective. The line is geometrical and the ergonomic proportions have been slightly increased all the while maintaining its artistic character and design, nicely rendered by its light and delicate coloring.

Dimensions: Total height 85cm, width 50cm, thickness 50cm.

Material: Multilayer of birch and hollow reinforcing rod.

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