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for Museo del Merletto


To conceive the Elizabeth vase, I immediately thought of the Gorgera, which is a pleated collar that is part of the aristocratic male and female clothing from the sixteenth to the seventeenth century.Towards the middle of the century its size increased considerably, until, towards the end of the sixteenth century, monumental "wheels" made of fine linen or entirely of lace. the Italian gorgera made use of the mastery of Venetian lace makers who created true masterpieces in needlework or bobbin lace.

I liked the idea of talking about the evil feminine world of lace by taking up the past.

So I designed this contemporary vase using something that belongs to the past and becomes a modern Queen Elizabeth.

Dimensions: 15 x 35 h x 8 cm.

Material: Wood, Lace, Glass.

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