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Personal Exhibition / set up / for Cc-tapis


Cc-tapis presents the exhibition "ELEMANIA", the first Solo-Show of Elena Salmistraro, curated by Valentina Guidi Ottobri.

A journey through the most recent works from the rug collection Flatland, made of the six rugs designed for CC-Treadmill, to the numerous projects she created for Bosa, Stone Italian, De Castelli, Lithea, Seletti, Camp Design Gallery, London Art and Secondome Gallery. The flat shadowless colors reflect the desires of this multifaceted artist to highlight the use of fictional elements in order to create life as a fairy tale, with the charge of tangible references, the banality of everyday life. Elena's creative process always stems from an illustration, which shapes and transforms through sculpture and adding two-dimensional details. 

"Not to be confused with egocentricity, Elemania can be defined by the obsessive magnitism." She explains Elemania, the exbition which cc-tapis has dedicated to the young sensation from the world of contemporary design celebrating her most recent works.

Born in 1983, in Milanese with a rebel-soul, a maniac for texture and in love with documentaries, especially those about exotic animals.

From early-on-manifested to ordinary society through drawing, living in a routine which was often too gray and repetitive for someone who loved to isolate themselves in fantasty.

It would have been a strong black line drawing, which created the separation between reality and imagination.

Flat colors without a shadow, like the story of this multifaceted artist to represent the fictional elements which make people like to life, just like a fairy-tale, taking form full of real human traits and emotions, playing on the mundaneness of daily life; suggesting a new philosophy for living.

Unlike most designers of her time, Elena always starts her creative process with illustration, which she shapes and transforms through sculpture and two-dimensional details. As in Flatland the novel by Edwin A. Abott, his collection of 6 rugs for cc-tapis, the geometric forms mix together overlapping with eachother, aware of their energy, color and magic.

In the universe of Elemania, the exhibition presents an excess of graphic symbols offering the viewer a stereoscopic image of the same time, which takes depth and volume away from the space but also to the territory suspended beyond the frame . "

(Valentina Guidi Ottobri, curator).

Illustration and Graphics by Elena Salmistraro

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