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Deux Âmes is a double-seated chair inspired by the charm of intimate companionship.  Its name, in fact, means “Two souls”.

The material, intentionally chosen for this project, is layered paper (papier mâché technique) placed over a metal skeleton which provides the internal structure.

The paper, ecological and of the highest quality, is especially interesting because of its versatility and practicality which follows the developing trend of “auto-produced design,” a relevant theme central to many International Design Week discussions.

In this time of crisis, where the market is saturated with industrial products, it has become necessary to experiment with new techniques and materials in order to attain the desired creation.

The seat, deliberately asymmetrical, is made from an irregular imprint with the intention of enhancing and emphasizing the craftsmanship and artistic skill- an aspect that makes this product unique without losing its functionality.

The use of recycled newspapers, a material both durable and light, is interesting as it reflects the creativity and innovative design of a unique chair, different from all others. 

The color scheme is chosen from delicate tones such as whites, gray-blues and grays.

Maximum dimensions are: 120 cm (length) x 90 cm (height) x 50 cm (depth).

Material: Paper and metal.

Photo by Valeria Abis.

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