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Design Monsters NO WASTE!


NO WASTE! The design monsters standing out against waste! NO WASTE! monsters are funny furnishing accessories which put on a look of fright whenever they come across the waste and the unease that today’s society is going through.

All monsters are made by using industrial production waste material felt (pannolenci) cloth. This is where their name comes from...NO WASTE! Each monster has its own history and special magical power that will be shared with those who wish to keep them near.

All the monster exist in three dimensions: 

• Small-  With a hook, you can turn it into a key chain. (Approximately 10 cm x 10 cm). 

• Medium-  A buddy to always keep around. (Approximately 15 cm x 15 cm). 

• Large- A pillow to relax on anywhere you feel. (Approximately 25 cm x 25 cm).

The monsters are washable by hand, not use the washing machine, do not iron, do not bleach, do not tumble dry.

Warning: This is not a toy. Keep away from children.


Material: Polyester 100%.




Faust_The tonsil       

Chuky_The bull-worm 

Mr.Head_The mastermind

Arnald_The twiggy insect

Slotti_The Jellyfish   

Victor _The worm                                      

Carmela_The career whale    

Demetrius_The prehistoric cat

Spartacus_The fierce dog-like predator Ursula_The uncertain fishbone

Fulvio_The octopus gown up in captivity

Carla_The gloomy snail

Ambrogio_The black and blue snake  (I Tifo-Si)

Franco_The red and black devil (I Tifo-si)

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