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Decibel Collection 

for Marella Art.365



For the FW2021 season Marella collaborates with Elena Salmistraro, one of the most promising talents of the Italian design. It’s a new chapter that reaffirms the brand’s strong connection with the world of art and creativity.
The Milan-based designer’s style is a mix of tradition and innovation, which is made particularly recognizable and unique thanks to the experimentation in the use of materials and colours, where the attention to details and search for harmonious shapes stand out.

Elena Salmistraro’s creative flow, a world suspended between reality and fantasy, encounters the collection’s seasonless styles to give life to the DECIBEL capsule. The micro and macro graphic patterns that characterise the garments are inspired by the world of music and sound vibrations and materialize in two patterns with a strong expressive energy, which is fresh and unexpected.

The Elena Salmistraro x Marella ART.365 capsule collection narrates an immersive and ever-growing fashion story whose manifesto is the totem dress, proposed in the ever-present black & white version or brightened by an innovative colour palette that combines pastel shades with warm tones such as bright red and ginger orange.

The designer also signs (for the collection’s arrival in the stores) a visual installation inside the Marella flagship store in Milan, which will be visible from June to September 2021.
The story finally finds its conclusion thanks to the fascinating Anfisa Letyago, an international DJ based in Naples chosen as ambassador of this project; inspired by the patterns designed by Elena, the artist created an exclusive music track: Don’t hide (included in a dedicated playlist available on the brand’s official Spotify profile).

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