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Origami Vase Cover

Vase for Okinawa


Cover vase origami is a vase cover in Jacroki created by Elena Salmistraro to cover any vase type, giving an eccentric and creative touch to the surrounding environment.

Jacroki is an ecological fabric (produced by Okinawa) made with natural fibers and recycled paper fibers, treated for this object just as if it was paper, to keep the original idea of origami works.

It was created by assembling together small origami (Fortune Tellers, the origami basics).

The desired effect was to create volume and shape plays giving this accessory a strong third dimension underlining the shades.

The vase is easily unclothed and the fabric is washable and ironable.

Existing in both the white-gray and black-gray form.

Redesigned and produced by Elena Salmistraro in 2012.

Dimensions: 15 cm (diameter) x 30 cm (height).

Material: Jacroki.

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