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Legami Collection 

for Tai Ping Milan Showroom 



Outfitting designed for the Fuori Salone 2023.

The set up takes its inspiration from human warmth, from the mother's womb.


Tai Ping, creator of expertly crafted luxury rugs founded in Hong Kong in 1956, has collaborated with pioneering Italian designer Elena Salmistraro on a new collection of six hand-tufted rugs, Legami. The collection takes inspiration from the human hand, both as a graphic and conceptual theme, which is recognised universally as a symbol of human connection and exchange.

The Legami collection will be presented in an installation in the Tai Ping Piazza San Simpliciano showroom during Fuorisalone, April 2023.

Committed to developing innovative collections for a contemporary world, Tai Ping selected Elena Salmistraro as one of the most exciting and significant modern designers, respected both for her imaginative creative style and meticulous designs. The collection expresses the Milan-based designer’s particular approach to creativity, which brings together design, art and illustration. Admired for her poetic and emotive creations, she was named Frame magazine’s Designer of the Year in 2022.

At the heart of the Legami collection is the theme of relationships, embodied
in the shape of the hand - which more than any other symbolizes the values
of exchange, closeness and humanity. Using stylised graphics that outline sinuous and complex shapes, Elena Salmistraro has developed the concept in a series of rugs, one for each finger - circular for the thumb, and rectangular for the forefinger, middle, ring and little fingers - plus a final carpet, dedicated to the hand itself, bearing an irregular shape whose edges follow the lines of the motifs. Each of the six designs, despite rigorous lines, features intertwining and overlapping silhouettes, recalling the figures of fingers, hands, arms, as well as musical instruments and other symbols. No one individual element prevails, however, but rather each element works together to create a holistically dynamic and playful effect, giving the Legami rugs the ability to enliven the space that houses them.

The colour palette is energetic and unmistakably Salmistraro, embracing saturated hues such as blues, greens and browns, as well as pastel colours from yellow to light blue and pink, all harmoniously combined, sometimes shaded in refined gradients.

Tai Ping’s skilled craftsmen, in close collaboration with the designer, have transformed the original designs into a series of high quality carpets thanks to their unparalleled expertise in hand-tufting. The rich materiality of the textiles’ surfaces is achieved by alternating areas of New Zealand wool, the best in the world, with silks and felted wool backgrounds. The three-dimensional and dynamic effect is created through different tufting techniques, skilfully mixed together, ranging from the various lengths of cut pile to loop piles, and even high density of felted wool.

“The most fascinating thing to me, when I think of this exceptional collection of rugs, is the various manual processes that lie behind its making; in the Legami rugs,” says Elena Salmistraro, “form, colour and material take on a primordial value, which emphasizes the gesture, the embrace, the bond. “

Materials: Hand Tufted Wood and Silk







PH Beppe Brancato

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