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Graphic symbols in which stylized geometric shapes chase each other or overlap on the surface of a carpet, creating a stereoscopic image that evokes a playful dance capable of surprising and stimulating the imagination: this is the communicative code of Iocularis, the new carpet collection designed by Elena Salmistraro for Illulian.

Iocularis, juggler, is a collection composed of two different rugs, Juggler and Guitar, which narrate, through the designer's representative syntax, the singular and controversial figure of the jester, often wrongly identified with a derogatory value, but which is, on the contrary, synonymous with art, freedom and creativity. 

Juggler, the juggler, who with jumps and various acrobatics turns simple and pure objects, such as circles and spheres, into a unique and enchanting attraction, or Guitar, which tells of the musician who, thanks to his lute or guitar, improvises tales, stories, melodies, magically transforming reality into fantasy.

Hand-knotted and hand-carded, they enchant with the chromatic appeal achieved by the brilliant vegetable colours used and can be made in two qualities, Platinum 120 and Gold 100. Platinum 120, which represents the most exclusive line, is characterised by the use of the highest quality hand-spun wool and silk and an extremely complex workmanship - as many as 180,000 knots/m2 - that manages to create 'sculptures' with very scenic effects.  Gold 100, offers carpets made of wool and silk, always of great charm but with a density of 152,000 knots/m2.

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