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"Qui dove i sogni diventano realtà" for Grazia Magazine


Elena Salmistraro is the Guest Director of the special issue  of Grazia Magazine. Special "Salone Del Mobile"April 2022.

Protagonist of the Cover: Elisa

Illustrations on the entire issue: Elena Salmistraro

Guess Director: Elena Salmistraro

Grazia Magazine Director: Silvia Grilli

"Here where dreams come true" is the theme of this visionary issue created on the occasion of design week with the collaboration of a guest editor. Designer and illustrator Elena Salmistraro joined editor Silvia Grilli in creating this collector's edition. 

The cover star is Elisa. The singer-songwriter guides us, as if in a daydream, into the fantasy world that designer Elena Salmistraro designed for her. And in the interview with writer Camilla Baresani she talks about herself, the rebellious teenager who grew up without a father and the happy mother she is today. She tells about when she discovered that with her voice she could change reality, because from songs, she says, new lives are born.

In the news pages we tell you how to fly without getting off the ground, visit New York City stores while staying at home, invent the unimaginable. These are all possible experiences thanks to digital technologies because we have entered the era in which the physical and virtual worlds are united to make any desire come true.

Actor Alessio Boni, host Victoria Cabello, singers Myss Keta, Mara Sattei, and Tananai, actresses Laura Morante with her daughter Eugenia Costantini, and Michela Giraud: these are some of the protagonists of Grazia this week. On our pages they tell with what dreams, passions or imagination they have built their lives and careers.

Fashion is dream and clothes, which are poetry, come to life from the pages of Grazia to take you to a fantasy world created by Elena Salmistraro's handmade designs. The guest editor also illustrated the photo shoot dedicated to design, where the most iconic objects merge with abstract designs from a magical world. In the pages dedicated to beauty you will find new cosmetics based on formulas capable of stimulating the senses, which, thanks to a unique design, become small wonders to carry with you always.

Cover photos @vladimirmarti Styling @anna_castan Makeup #ginevracalie Hairstyles @luigi_morino Creative direction @danestojanovic Look @agatharuizdlprada

PH Shooting design Beppe Brancato - Styling Alessandra Salaris

PH Shooting Fashion Vladimir Marti Styling Dane Stojanovic

PH Shooting Cover Vladimir Marti Dane Stojanovic

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