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for Facile Sognare


"Facile Sognare": the project aimed at children in difficulty, with an installation by Elena Salmistraro

Facile Sognare is a corporate social responsibility project with a mission to renovate spaces dedicated to the protection of children in need, developed in collaboration with Every Child Is My Child Onlus.

To the project Facile Ristrutturare, a Renovars Group company founded with the desire to rethink the concept of renovation through a democratic vision of interior design, which with a commitment of 100,000 euros has breathed new life into a property belonging to the Social Enterprise ControVento. The result is a child-friendly 'Meeting Space,' made unique by Felicitas, a stunning site-specific installation created by Elena Salmistraro: "It represents the hope that the dreams of these wonderful children can come true. I tried to follow all of their suggestions so that they could recognize themselves in this design, which I hope will bring them even just a hint of lightheartedness," the designer recounted.

Thanks to the involvement of its architects and teams, Facile Ristrutturare has in fact made possible the rebirth of a 150-square-meter property belonging to the association ControVento and in front of its historic headquarters on Via Nino Bixio: the premises have been radically rethought and transformed into a comfortable place, with a domestic and everyday dimension, designed to facilitate the rapprochement of minors with their family unit, which is very often conflicting and difficult.

Present at the handover were Giovanni Amato and Loris Cherubini, founders of Facile Ristrutturare, along with actress Anna Foglietta, president of Every Child Is My Child. "EASY DREAMING is a desire that stems from our personal experience: children who find themselves growing up in complex contexts, where the future is difficult to imagine, need hope, family, but above all beauty. We, thanks to the renovation of a place that tastes like home and the inclusion of a work of art, hope to have planted a seed capable of making a difference in their tomorrow," said Giovanni Amato.

Architecturale Project: Alberto Vanin.

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