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for St. Regis


Elena Salmistraro has created a limited series of glasses exclusively for The St. Regis Rome, to which she has given the evocative name of Alchemist. Alchemy was generally defined as the art or science of the transformation or transmutation of things, in perfect harmony with the context in which we live, in which places like hotels are no longer exclusively places to sleep, but containers of experiences and creators of multiple identities. So LUMEN Cocktails&Cuisine is constantly evolving, like the electrostatic butterfly that represents its logo, and transforms, reiventing itself, at different times of the day.

Colours that overlap and create new, surprising and unexpected ones, ensembles of volumes and shapes, to be dedicated to different rituals and stories: these are the characteristic traits that characterise the unmistakable design of Elena Salmistrato's new glasses.

The 'Alchemist's Collection' consists of two glasses, 'The Alchemist' and 'The Wrong Alchemist', whose names refer to the relationship between the container and their contents.

The first glass, 'The Alchemist', owes its shape to an attempt to superimpose elements taken from classic laboratory vessels, such as ampoules, tubes and stills. This superimposition creates an unusual contrast between rigid, sculptural forms and soft, sinuous shapes that envelop the glass.

The second glass, 'The Wrong Alchemist', is a tribute to error, just like its contents. The shape of the container ampoule is a very regular ovoid with classical appeal, surrounded by a coloured band and supported by coloured glass feet reminiscent of large drops, smears and overflowing liquids. 

Again, there is an intriguing contrast between regular and sinuous shapes that emphasise its composition.

Both glasses are accompanied by practical ornamental stirrers, reminiscent of typical tools used in chemistry.

The collection is entirely made of hand-blown and hand-worked glass, a material that, thanks to its extraordinary versatility, allows complex and creative shapes to be impeccably moulded. Each glass is therefore unique, enriched by distinctive details and features that lend a touch of elegance and prestige to each individual piece. 

This emphasises the importance of traditional craftsmanship and craftsmanship, turning the glasses into authentic luxury objects.

In addition, the high-quality blown glass guarantees greater durability and resistance, giving the glasses a pleasant tactile surface that is thicker and more robust than mass-produced glasses.

The choice of colours is not random but also linked to the world of chemistry and alchemy. 

Green represents nature, balance and growth, while violet symbolises transformation, the mystical quest, mystery and the transition of substances from one state to another. Transparency is an important symbol representing the purity of substances and solutions.

These two colours, green and violet, are strong and complementary, and when juxtaposed they create a vibrant visual contrast that makes the glasses fascinating both aesthetically and for the atmosphere they are able to generate, as well as the historical and symbolic significance they carry.

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