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for Artemest + Cappellini


Elena Salmistraro x Cappellini MIYA Limited Edition

Artemest presents MIYA: an exclusive limited-edition of 50 glass tables designed by talented Elena Salmistraro in collaboration with Cappellini. The collection is the crystallization of a creative dialogue between the designer and the visionary Architect and Art Director Giulio Cappellini, in the creation of an iconic glass artwork of timeless elegance.

MIYA was born from a successful artistic collaboration between the Italian designer and illustrator Elena Salmistraro and the iconic design brand ​Cappellini. Conceived as pieces of sublime elegance and exceptional grace, MIYA tables capture new charm in a limited-edition series designed exclusively for Artemest.

The exclusive series combines craftsmanship and design, in the conception of unique pieces of art, crafted by glass masters to celebrate Italian excellence. The visionary Architect and Art Director Giulio Cappellini entrusted the design of the collection to Elena Salmistraro, captured by her creative language – unique, ironic and almost dreamlike – and her vision of Cappellini’s world.

The collection draws inspiration from the Japanese tradition, reinventing the armor of samurais in a collector’s piece, making a mark for its timeless elegance. MIYA is the name of a famous samurai who lived in 1500 and represents the initial inspiration for the collection. Fascinated by the sophisticated game of juxtapositions attributed to the Japanese warriors’ armors, Elena Salmistraro transported the same concept into the table design, realizing an intricate system of joints between glass and crystal.

Apparently, the collection seems to be conceived with clean, simple lines and the final result is a sculptural glass blown artwork recalling the idea of a blooming flower, but the real value of this sublime creation lies in the details and in the magical creation of precious light sparkle and luminous reflections.

MIYA describes a creative dialogue between the designer and the material, in a journey looking for the perfect balance and translating signs and intuitions into an object. From cobalt blue to emerald green, the various combination of transparencies and vivid shades of color defines a unique object, always one-of-a-kind because realized with the glass blowing technique.

Released exclusively on Artemest, the collection of four tables is made even more special by the meticulously engraved decorations realized on the crystal top of the table: lights shadows and reflections take turns in the creation of a magical atmosphere.

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